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That’s how close Nelson was to beating CT in the final on Invasion of the Champions.One half step is what Amanda was away from sending home Nicole and going to the final, and Dario was a white cork away from a final on Rivals 3.AYTO has had interesting history so far on the Challenge, one where they have had the targets on their back from day one, and are still struggling with being the minority on the show.Let’s begin where it all started: CHAPTER ONE — Exes 2: Adam Kuhn/Brittany Baldassari, John Jacobs/Simone Kelly It is rumored that Jasmine Reynaud & Brandon Swift were cast for Battle of the Exes 2, as were Danny Jamieson & Melinda Stolp.Each of the couples dropped out a couple weeks before filming, and cast members have stated that these dropouts led to the casting of Are You The One cast members on the Challenge.Consider the previous RW was “Ex”Plosion, and AYTO is a dating show, it led in well for Battle of the Exes 2.

Adam is a good looking 6'3 guy with an ego, massive arms, weirdly small hands, and a great athlete. Originally, MTV wanted Shanley Mc Intee & Chris Tolleson as they were the most interesting couple.After having found his perfect match, Chris would escape the honeymoon suite to go hook up with Shanley back at the house. Disappointing as Shanley proved to be a physical beast on AYTO Second Chances. prevented us from having an elite physical female on the show.With Jasmine quitting, MTV viewed Simone as their answer.During the still somewhat prime of BGC, MTV took Simone and viewed her as the heir apparent to Jasmine.A short girl full of drama that will get crazy and be all over the place.

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