What will consolidating files in itunes do guidance for dating after a divorce

If you want to move your music from i Tunes to an Android smartphone, this guide will show you how to copy music files between i Tunes on a Mac or PC, to an Android device.We've separated this part of the guide into different sections, depending on how you'll be transferring your data.You can use the dedicated software from Samsung, HTC and Sony, or use the mass storage mode available for all Android devices.In order to copy your i Tunes music collection onto your Android device, you'll first need to transfer all of your music files into the i Tunes Media folder on your computer.This will enable you to copy all of your files to your handset in one action.Consolidating your media won't delete it from your computer, it will place a copy into the i Tunes Media folder. This will display any music files that have already been discovered by Kies.To make sure that all of the required files have been added to the Kies library, click File from the menu bar, and choose Add folder to Library.Open the Music folder on your computer, which contains the i Tunes Media folder.

When you've found the Music folder, click it once then press the Select Folder button.

After a short wait, your i Tunes tracks will start to appear in the Kies library.

Select the music you'd like to copy to your phone by ticking the boxes next to each track.

If you'd like to transfer all of your music, tick the box at the top of the list to highlight all of the songs.

Make sure that Automatically import from i Tunes to HTC Sync Manager is ticked.

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