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The Animation Production Day (APD) is the major co-production and financing market in Germany focused exclusively on animation.At APD the most important national and international market players negotiate cooperations for more than 40 new animation projects in exclusive one-on-one meetings.The section “Producers for Co-Production” offers an additional coproduction platform for producers, service producers and production service providers only.The programme is rounded off with the APD Conference in which high-profile speakers discuss new trends and developments in the animation industry.Seventeen of the projects come from Germany, 28 from other European countries and three from countries outside of Europe.

The project, which has developed and formulated itself through newly realised works by artists working across exhibition space and stage, draws on the ancient Greek understanding of ‘téchne’ as a methodology and attitude.

In its original classical usage, techne is a looping term, a description of making understood as material and functional, as well as immaterial and uncontainable.

It is a term proposing a unity and interdependence of two forms of knowledge – theoretical and practical, without internal separation or hierarchy.

Many of the works in Techne and the Decency of Means inhabit multiple and simultaneously held roles and functions.

From Andrew Norman Wilson’s This Light, operating as a sculpture, a cinema and a prototype, to Ulrich Bernhardt’s part-oven, part-sculpture and performance, Die Schrecklich Gute Mutter.

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