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For years, a former resident of the Hanna Boys Center was taken off site by his assigned counselor and driven to the man’s home, where he endured repeated sexual abuse, fearing he’d be turned out and homeless if he reported the crimes, according to new accusations described in a civil lawsuit.

Now 25, the man has come forward to join others claiming Hanna’s former clinical director, Kevin Thorpe, took advantage of his position of authority at the Catholic treatment home for abused and neglected children, flagrantly shirking policies that might have prevented such abuse from taking place.

“This is basically a predator that remained unchecked and was serial in his grooming and his singling out of his victims,” said the plaintiff’s lawyer, Dan Beck.

“I can tell you that this particular story has been catastrophic to those involved.”The man is among an undisclosed number of former residents of the Sonoma Valley facility to emerge with claims they were abused by Thorpe.

The former employee, Angelica Malinski, also faces criminal charges.

Chris Jones, chief development officer with Hanna Boys Center, said they are cooperating with law enforcement investigating the alleged abuse and they have taken measures to boost supervision of the children and training about sexual abuse.

He said they believe their policies were sufficient but nevertheless have made changes.

“They (the center’s policies) weren’t deficient, but we were looking for ways of strengthening them,” Jones said.

“I don’t think you can 100 percent prevent incidents like this from occurring, but you can obviously take steps to improve safety.”Jones said, as one example of a recent change, they have increased the number of staff members in residential cottages, which typically house a dozen boys, from two adults to three.“Boys come to us for healing, and when something goes wrong with that — that’s the last thing we want to have happen,” Jones said.

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