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Notice this is almost all true, I was not molested or harmed and I was the one who sought out gay sex with an older male, thou it is illegal it was not done in the context of a criminal act, but the curiosity of a young boy who was sexually interested in gay sex and a young male who had experienced the same while at the age I was and was a decent man who helped me experience a normal human behavior and allowed me to discover the sexual pleasures of gay sex, yes I am gay, a fagot cum sucker who loves to suck cock If this offends you please cease reading it for it was written to others who have had the same experiences and like it.Preteen boy first gay experience I was 14 when I let older men molest me willingly, I wanted them to fondle me and suck my cock and touch theirs, In the summer I wore really short cut offs, right at the crotch line, tight button fly jeans, no undies either, just enough length that my cock didn't flop out unknowingly, but sitting on a seat was another thing, there always was just enough to see that I had a cock and no underwear and was hairless, nobody cared and girls and guys looked, but in public what could they do?But as a preteen hitchhiking with them tight short cut offs was impossible from it exposing itself considering I always got a hard on anticipating the new found sexual experiences with older men.When they pulled over and asked where I was headed I always said the next city straight down the same street, it was unincorporated and woodsy and a lot of dirt roads, plus no cops or really anyone.As I sat down with an obvious budge with the head of my cock just peeking out as I sat, I had a big dick for a kid; anyways the guy is looking down and it gets me turned on even more and now its throbbing its way out, the guy says nice cock kid, do you always ware no underwear with the shortest cut offs I ever seen? I started to mumble about a magazine I saw with a guy and his huge giant cock and I found I was all hard, embarrassed I was ready to run home and my buddy said his cock get all hard too, so we showed are cocks to each other but he wouldn't let me touch it and um I wanted to suck on it like I saw in the magazine, so I enjoys dressing like this but occasionally accidentally my cock pops out, sorry.The guy asked me if another person ever sucked on it ever, I said no, girls say it too big and I have not met another boy who does the stuff I saw in the magazine, why?

I’m sorry I shouldn't be telling you this, you must think I’m a fagot.He responded with so was he, that he like boys when he was my age and it was so scary worried getting caught, but in boarding school most of the boys experimented with gay sex, I just happened to enjoy it and after my wife found out we divorced, just almost a year now. Oh my name is Steve, nice to meet you Bill as I noticed he zipped his fly down and unbelievable no underwear either, but he pulled out his cock, I mean all the way and it was huge, big and gigantic, wow I couldn't stop looking at it I am 26 Steve and I had a friend see what I was so eager to see and do when I was your age, but you must keep this between us, nobody can know about this please promise me Steve.Bill I promise and remember I am the one who sought this out, I had a boner waiting for a ride and I am so glad it was someone like you, I hope we get to be friends Bill, because that is the biggest cock I ever seen, Bill said yours is quite huge too especially for a 14 yr old, seriously that is a cock a lot of men wish they had.Bill said here is my driveway, private and wait till you see the pool, as we drove up a long drive way to a court yard, wow nice house I said, I don’t see another house around, he said there were 17 homes all with large parcels of land and even a couple of gay friends live near by, but the privacy is beautiful isn't Steve.Hay are you hungry, yeah sure am, well look the pool is in the back take a swim and I’ll fix a light snack and set up the movie you wanted to see, all the while he was already naked from the waste down suggesting I skinny dip that I’ll love it, I have before and do, its sexually simulating, hell everything was at my age.

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