Jailhouse dating

JAILHOUSE video reveals California sheriff's deputies watching and sometimes laughing as a schizophrenic man who had been strapped naked to a chair for 46 hours writhes on the floor of his cell, loses consciousness and eventually dies.On Friday, San Luis Obispo County administrative officer Wade Horton called the footage "extremely painful to watch"."What happened to Andrew Holland was a tragedy that impacts our entire community," Mr Horton told in an email."Although we can't bring Andrew back, our county has made and continues to make changes in response to this terrible event." Last year, the county awarded Mr Holland's family million for his death, which a medical examiner determined was caused by a pulmonary embolism.Mr Holland, 36, had suffered from schizophrenia since his early 20s and was incarcerated on and off over the years, usually for minor offences.He was taken into custody in 2015 on charges of battery, resisting an officer and probation violations.He was strapped into the chair after repeatedly hitting himself.

County policy requires rotating a restrained inmate's extremities every one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half hours to prevent blood clots that can lead to a fatal embolism.The newspaper reported that Mr Holland was released from the chair and moved to another cell so human waste that collected under his chair, and is visible in the video, could be cleaned up.Footage of him in the other cell shows him lying on a tile floor with just a blanket.At one point, he stands up briefly, appears to be stricken by tremors and lies down again, covering himself with the blanket.Soon after, he appears to have trouble breathing, then loses consciousness.

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