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her fiancé Dashon Goldson delayed their wedding indefinitely after Ashley began planning and looking at venues.She was obviously heartbroken, but ultimately agreed to wait until he was ready.In an exclusive sneak preview from Tuesday's all-new episode, Ashley meets with Sasha Gates and Autumn Ajirotutu for lunch to discuss how she's coping with the recent news."It's been a real process," she tells the ladies. He had to decide on his own if that's something he wanted. You can't force it."Then, Autumn takes the conversation to another level when she asks Ashley, "Were you ever worried that he called off the wedding because he was cheating?"The wedding planning is kind of at a halt and we're just postponing it.""It happened to me," Sasha reveals. ""I didn't really think of that," Ashley replies."You know finding out something like that, it actually helps you grow in a relationship," Sasha adds."I wonder what happens with some women that find out their husbands or boyfriends do cheat."How would Ashley deal with situation?

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Crosson wouldn’t reveal details of that conversation, but he described Jackson as “cooperative at the time.” Crosson also told that he reached out to the Eagles by phone in early 2011 — even before he interviewed Jackson — as a courtesy to alert them to Jackson’s connection to an alleged killer.

He never received a response from the team, he said.

The following year, the Eagles signed Jackson to a five-year, .5 million contract extension.

When contacted by on Wednesday, the Eagles issued a statement that they “no comment at this time,” and team officials would neither confirm nor deny whether anyone in the front office had spoken to Crosson about Jackson’s ties to a homicide suspect.

On Thursday, a source in the organization said current front-office members had been unaware of Jackson’s links to an alleged killer.

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