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A pension scheme robaxin canada These press releases are so delusional.If it wasn’t for the syndication gods that “demand” that Once Upon a Time and Revenge get a fourth season, the fact that Revenge beats The Good Wife wouldn’t be enough to keep it away from the bear.The Armed Man is a by , subtitled "A Mass for Peace".The piece was commissioned by the Museum for the Millennium celebrations, to mark the museum's move from London to Leeds, and it was dedicated to victims of the .

There are two films made to accompany live performances of The Armed Man: 1.

The Armed Man Film was created by film maker and director, Hefin Owen, and was 'premiered' in its current form in Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2007 with Karl Jenkins conducting.

"The film echoes and traces the story as told in the text of the work; the build up to conflict, conflict itself and the aftermath, finally looking forward to a better future," says Karl Jenkins. The Armed Boy, an original film that was created exclusively to accompany live performances of The Armed Man, premiered in March 2007.

The story of the film revolves around a young boy who suffers under the merciless hands of a bully and his gang.

When he finally retaliates, he learns the greater consequences of taking up arms—an allegorical representation of Jenkins’ call for peace in times of war.

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