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A toll free number can be an indispensable asset to your business.

They're most often used for customer service or help lines as one of the biggest benefits is they allow customers to call your business without being charged for the call.

However, there are a lot of other great benefits to having a one for your business.

One of the best parts about a toll free number is you own it! You aren't tied down to any one provider so you can take your number wherever you go.

Not all countries can call toll free numbers, so it's best to also have a local number if you do business outside of the US and Canada.

These numbers are very common now-a-days, so getting a toll free/800 number is easy.

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However, the 1-800 prefix is the only "true" 800 number.

Regardless of which prefix you chose, they all work the same and offer you the same benefits.

We provide all the same features and functionality that a proper business phone system would provide.

You can get 800 numbers, toll free numbers, vanity numbers, or even local phone numbers through us.

Since Grasshopper is a cloud based phone system, there’s no hardware or wires to worry about. Grasshopper now offers Business SMS on both toll free and local numbers. Texting between toll free and local Canadian numbers isn’t available right now, but we hope to offer this in the future.

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