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Apple Launches Business Chat Well, isn't’ this timing convenient.On the heels of Facebook being in some serious hot water, halting all new apps and bots, Apple announces Business Chat.Similar to Messenger, businesses will now be able to communicate with their customers on their preferred messaging channel.Today only a handful of companies are part of the launch, including Home Depot, Marriott, and Wells Fargo.While this may put a dent in Messenger’s marketshare in the US, we find it hard to believe that this will do much on a global scale in the next year.

Facebook Confirms it Spies on Your Messenger Conversations Say it with us, people: DUH. OBVIOUSLY Facebook is scanning your messenger content and if you’re aghast by that, then get off the internet. Do Millennials and younger even care about privacy?

Pretty sure that is just the ravings of grouchy baby boomers.

Gen Z lives in fear of permanence more than anything else. Nevertheless, if they suddenly stopped new bots and are revisiting every single API, it is because something pretty bad was going on.

Everything You Need To Know From Microsoft's VP Of AI And Research A fantastic interview with one of our favorite “Fem Bots.” She touches on her favorite use cases, like Equadex’s Helpicto, an in-app bot that helps children on the Autism spectrum communicate and verbalize their thoughts in order to successfully navigate their world by providing a visual representation of language.

A great read and insight into how Microsoft’s chief bot-head is imagining the future.

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