Dating websites for widows

Here's a safe place, a growing place, a way out of the shadows of grief . Hearts, roses and romance are hard to be happy about for widows. This blog provides resources and Biblical direction for helping you trust Jesus through one of life's most difficult challenges.Looking forward to this holiday can be extremely difficult.

Last year, I emailed my adult children a love letter every day from Feb. They each got an individualized, brief love letter sharing a sweet remembrance, a funny story about their past, some special gift they exhibit, or a prayer for their day. As for me, I treated myself to a massage and pedicure.

I will probably make that a regular Valentine gift to myself from now on.

Last year was my first Valentines without Dan, too.

I went through the attic and found every card he'd ever given me; he was always writing something extra on the cards, not just signing them.

I read through them and just tried to be thankful for the years of love we shared.

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