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Please contact us for all enquiries regarding machinery sales and service, plastic sheet and welding rod supplies, or to discuss any questions you have.All information supplied is kept in strictest confidence and will not be shared with any third parties.You can also keep up to date on new products, services and plastic welding resources by subscribing to our monthly newsletter here.Agru is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-purity, thermoplastic piping systems for transportation of pure liquids.The materials of PVDF, ECTFE, PP-Gray, PP-Natural are offered with a wide range of pipe sizes, fittings, valves, vortex flow meters and semi finished products.The high-purity systems are joined by a line of fully automated IR welding machines designed for a high level of reliability and consistency.For more information about Agru's quality products and worldwide sales offices please contact us by E-mail [email protected]

This knowledge is summarized today in AGRU Oberflächentechnik Gmb H, In 1961, Alois Gruber senior laid the foundations of AGRU’s future in engineered plastics with the decision to begin production of plastic pipes. First, with the introduction of polypropylene and polyethylene pipes, and later with the production of fittings, plates, bars, and welding rods made of different engineered plastics.Pipes with different diameters are the main part of production. For a project in Germany, AGRULINE large diameter pipes with OD 1400 mm were installed for the first time with the horizontal directional drilling method.By 1966, AGRU’s first injection molding machines were in operation producing fittings for pipeline construction, making AGRU one of the first manufacturers in Europe to supply pipes and fittings from their own production facilities.The productivity gain during manufacturing was significant.Up to this point, fittings were segmented and required pipes to be welded together.

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