Data collection updating plan

The HRIS needs assessment may reveal gaps in data collection.

Usually, the Ministry of Health (MOH) or other centralized body collects data on health workers from district offices and health care facilities, typically using paper data collection forms.

Health professionals may complete additional forms when applying for a registration or license renewal, for instance.

Often there are problems with data collection forms that reduce their efficiency or effectiveness.

Common problems include not asking the right questions, collecting too much or too little information or collecting redundant information.

Paper forms may need to be redesigned to capture the data that are actually required to answer the key HR policy and management questions.

Additional problems with data collection processes may result in incorrect or out-of-date HR data.

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This document provides helpful tips for the SLG to consider in the creation of a data collection process and is followed by two sample data collection forms that can be modified as needed.

A routine HRIS is updated on a regular basis to record changes in health worker records as they occur, providing an accurate picture of the available health workforce in a country.

Routinely maintaining and updating the HRIS presents several advantages.

HR managers and supervisors can quickly note workforce changes, such as an increase in the number of out-migration requests or a drop in student enrollment, and can respond to these changes more effectively.

Regularly reviewed, up-to-date data improves accuracy over time and enhances policy makers' ability to make informed decisions in order to meet future health care needs.

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