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1993 PUBLICATION NO: 10^27.00 Reel No : ^ NOTES: ^ THIS PERIODICAL MIGHT BE COPYRIGHTED. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Patent and Trademark Office OFHCIAL GAZETTE of the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE TRADEMARKS May 18, 1993 PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY AUTHORITY OF CONGRESS OFPICIAL GAZETTE of the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE May 18, 1993 Volume 1150 Number 3 CONTENTS Page \ Patent and Trademark Office Notice Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Information Notice of Maintenance Fees Payable Notice of Expiration of Patents Due to Failure to Pay Maintenance Fees Reissue Applications Filed Requests for Reexaminations Filed Notice of Expiration of Trademark Registrations Due to Failure to Renew Survey of Registered Praaitioners in Patent Cases Service by Publication Registration to Practice Registration to Practice Patent Certificates of Correction Summary of Final Decisions Issued by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Special Boxes for Mail Reference Collections of U. Patents Available for Public Use in Patent Depository Libraries Patent Examining Corps Condition of Trademark Applications Classification of Patents (Including Reissues and Reexaminations) Designs, and Plants Applications Geo'graphical Index of Residence of Inventors Patents (Including Reissues and Reexaminations) Designs, and Plant Applications Marks Published for Opposition Registrations Issued Principal Register Registrations Issued Under Section 1(d) Supplemental Register Registrations Renewed Registrations Canceled Index of Registrants Change of Address Form Subscription Order Form 1150 TMOG 36 1150 TMOG 36 1150 TMOG 36 1150 TMOG 37 1150 TMOG 42 1150 TMOG 42 1150 TMOG 42 1150 TMOG 44 1150 TMOG 44 1150 TMOG 44 1150 TMOG 44 1150 TMOG 45 1150 TMOG 46 1150 TMOG 47 1150 TMOG 48 1150 TMOG 50 1150 TMOG 51 PI 92 PI 99 PI 102 TM 1 TM 262 TM 262 TM 290 TM 361 TM 375 TM 377 TMI 1 TMI 45 TMI 47 The followuig are mailed under direction of the Supcnntendent of Documents, Government Prwting Office. DC, 20402, to whom all checks should be made payable and all communications addressed VISA or Master Card may be used for telephone orders, (202)-783-3238 THE OFFICIAL GAZETTE r PATE! Stock No 703-033-00000-8 THE Om Cl AL GAZETTE (TRADEMARK SECTION), issued weekly Stock No 703-034-00000-4 PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE NOTICES, issued weekly Stock No 703-035-00000- 1 GENERAL INFORMATION concerning PATENTS Stock No. For aale by the US Government Printing Office Supenntendent of Documents, Mail Stop SSOP, Waahir¬ęton. For use of the European Patent Of Tice as an International Searching Authority for international applications Tiled in the United States Receiving Office, see the notice appearing in the Official Gazette at 1022 OG 52, on Sept 2S, 1982.

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KIRK, A cting Assistant Secretary and Acting Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks. 20231 Box 3 Box 4 Box 5 Box 6 Box 7 Box 8 Box 9 Box 10 Box 11 Box 12 Box 13 Box 14 Box 15 Box 16 Box 17 Box 171 Box 313b Box AF Box Assignment Box DAC Box DD Box EEC Box FVVC Box Interference Box Issue Fee Box ITU Box M Fee Box Non-Fee- Amendment Box OED Box PATENT APPLICATION Box TRADEMARK APPLICATION Box Pal Ext. Expedited procedure for processing amendments and other responses after final rejection , All assignment documents except those filed with new applications.

Notice of Mainteaaocc Feci Payable Title 37, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 1.362(d) pro- vides that maintenance fees may be paid without surcharge for a six-month period beginning 3, 7, and 1 1 years after the date of issue of patenu based on application filed on or after Dec. An additional six-month grace period is provided by 35 use. Box PCT Box Reexam Box Reconstruction Box Sequence Box SN Mail for the Office of Personnel from NFC Mail for the Assistant Commissioner for External Affairs and the Office of Legislation and International Affairs. Mail for the Office of Procurement Reissue applications for patents involved in litigation and subsequently filed related papers. Petitions decided by the Office of Petitions including petitions to revive and petitions to accept late payment of issue fees or maintenance fees.

41(b) and 37 CFR 1.362(e) for payment of the mainte- nance fee with the surcharge set forth in 37 CFR 1.20(h), as amended effective Dec 16, 1991 If the maintenance fee is not paid in a patent requiring such payment the patent will expire on the 4th, 8th or 12th anniversary of the patent. All papers for the Office of the Solicitor except communications relating \o pending litigation, papers relating to pending litigation shall be mailed only to Office of the Solicitor, P. Disclosure Documents or material related to the Disclosure Document Program. Requests for File Wrapper Continuation Applications (under 37 CFR 1.62) Communications relating to interferences and applications and patents involved in interference All communications following the receipt of a PTOL-85.

Attention is drawn to the patents which were issued on May 15, 1990 for which maintenance fees due at 3 years and six months may now be paid. 1991, C] 257 l OH, SFMK ONDCCTOR PRFSSCRF SENSOR AND MFTHODOFMANCFACn'RINGSA. "Notice of Allowance and Issue Fee Due, " and prior to the issuance of a patent should be addressed to Box Issue Fee, unless advised to the contrary.

The patents have patent numbers within the following ranges: Utility Patents 4,924,525 through 4,926,500 Reissue Patents based on the above identified patents. Assignments are the exception; Assignments should be submitted in a separate envelope and not be sent to Box Issue Fee.

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