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The series profiles true stories of people who have committed crimes, and have avoided arrest or capture, but ultimately end up being caught.Many of these people escaped from prisons after being sentenced while others escaped jails they were being held in while awaiting trial.

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Michael Mc Guffey murders his estranged wife in a parking lot in Mt. He then flees the state several days later, first by purchasing a bus ticket from Seattle to Los Angeles, then by departing the bus early in Portland and buying another bus ticket, and by repeating this pattern until he reaches the hometown of his parents in Texas.

From there, he obtains ,000 cash from his parents and a fake birth certificate from his brother in a new name, and he uses the birth certificate to obtain a state ID card from Oklahoma, which he uses to fly to Mexico City.

Once in Mexico, he tries living in several places, all with various complications, which scare him to go elsewhere in the country.

One day, he meets a woman named Karla, who he marries. Initially, Karla receives money transfers from Mc Guffey's parents to avert suspicion, but one day, Mc Guffey himself goes to pick up the cash, and he is apprehended by Mexican immigration authorities for overstaying his visa.

He is returned to the United States, where he receives a 26-year prison sentence in a guilty plea.

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