Blood type dating japan

When I first moved to Japan in college, every weekend meant a party and a new group of people to meet, with a standard set of questions I got asked. Those three always came first, but it wasn’t long until someone would want to know my blood type. ” also makes sense when you’re one of the few non-Japanese people in the room. ” was another common one, based on the widely held, if not always true, theory that foreign guys like Japanese women, and vice-versa.No, my school wasn’t filled with vampires or hemophiliacs, nor hemophiliac vampires (the most tragic undead demographic).People just wanted to get a sneak peak at my personality, which is thought to be strongly connected to what runs through your veins by many people in Japan.

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The results were published in June in the journal of the Japanese Psychological Association.According to Sawata, differences between blood types were only observed for three of the 68 statements, and even then, they were minute.“This strongly indicates that there is no connection between blood type and personality,” Sawata concluded.Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare shares Sawata’s disdain for the popular form of pseudo-science, as well as his concern over individuals’ economic prospects being inappropriately affected by their blood type.“Blood type has absolutely no relation to a person’s work abilities or aptitudes,” the organization asserted in a statement.

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